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Sundays at 7:00pm WAT exclusive to Africa Magic Showcase

Find The Voice Nigeria

We know you’re excited for The Voice Nigeria so to make sure that you don’t miss a moment of the excitement, we’ve put together a list of where you can connect with your soon-to-be favourite show.

Watch the show

The Voice Nigeria will be aired on Africa Magic Showcase DStv Channel 151 every Sunday at 19:00 WAT and Africa Magic Urban DStv Channel 153 at 19:00 WAT from 10 April 2016. If you happen to miss it, catch the repeat or better still, find it on DStv Catchup. 

Repeat dates and times are as follows:

Connect on social media

We know you have a lot to say about #TheVoiceNigeria, so why not connect with like-minded people on our social media platforms and compare notes?

Rally behind your favourite team

Use the following hashtags to show your love for the team that tickles your fancy:

#TeamPatoranking, #TeamTimi, #Team2baba or #TeamWaje

The Voice Nigeria app

Watch our V-Reporter Stephanie take you behind-the-scenes on The Voice Nigeria app, available for Android and iOS. On this interactive app, you will not only enjoy exclusive never-seen moments of the talent, coaches and hosts but you can also be the fifth coach. Yes, on The Voice Nigeria app you can rate the talent and predict outcomes of the performances during the week and the live show.

Isn’t that just awesome?