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What the Coaches told their Talent

Here are #TheVoiceNigeria coaches feedback to their Talent:

Here are #TheVoiceNigeria coaches feedback to their Talent:



2baba – Light it up. Light it up. Prra! Prra! Prra! Mo fire... Mo fire! You came with your R&B twist!

Timi – This is not her kind of music. For one to do a song outside of what they are comfortable with, that is a musician.


Pato – Dewe you are arguably one of the best voices. (Pretends to be on the phone) It’s the people that voted for you: “I talk am say this boy bad. I talk am!”

Timi – I'm just thinking 'dewe' of the Lord. You have learnt so much. Your falsetto... you can make a burial song sound like worship.


Waje – Conel is an example of a musician. He is the perfect pitcher. I don't think I have ever heard him go off key.

Timi – You use so much truth inside your music. God bless you.



Timi – On behalf of my fellow Nigerians and I this is as good as they come.

2baba – Maggi, Curry, Tomatoes… David, you are a great singer. You always come out and deliver.


Waje – While you were performing I forgot it was a competition. I thought I came to a concert.

2baba – Waje said it all. I've seen how much you've improved. You brought the rock and country. No shaken my sister.


Pato – I will pay to hear her sing. I will come of see her perform. I no go lie. Abi say I know you. So if you blow. No forget me.

2baba – Brenda has a unique voice. You are very versatile. You have the ability to take any song and turn it into your own.



2baba – He took it to another level. That's a reggae version there. Just keep it up!


Timi – In just one phrase, Ladies and Gentlemen, A'rese has risen.

Waje – A'rese thank you. That's all I have to say. You prove and show everyone the work we have put in.


Pato – That was one of my best tracks on the album. When he got on the stage I was looking at Baba and you need to see the smile. Dis your rich voice has won you a lot of Nigerians.

Waje – Pato said it all. Patrick is always out to push himself and when he comes on stage he brings it.



Waje – I need two seconds... Nonso has that effect. Do you guys know Nonso is a baritone singer? What his voice does, no one in this competition can do.

Pato – Nonso never seizes to amaze me. I feel like a CEO when your artist's song is playing all over mainland and Island and we have so many bookings. That's how I am feeling.


Timi – This mic... I don't think anyone else should use it to sing. So they can frame it and say this is the mic Chike used once upon a time to sing a song as good as this.

Pato - For the first time IK, I have to say this to myself, I'm a good damn coach. This has to be one of the highlights of the night.


2baba – DNA! I see everybody is just fire for fire for fire for fire. More blessing.

Pato – The performance was really hype and I like the fact that they keep growing.

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