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Sundays at 7:00pm WAT exclusive to Africa Magic Showcase
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Get The Voice Nigeria Ringback Tones!

All the songs performed in our semi-finals are not only available on iTunes but you can have them as your ringback tone.

All you need to do is SMS the unique song code of the track you want to 791 – here are the tracks and codes:

Brenda: "I Wish" – 5700414

David: "Lady" – 5700415

Viveeyan; "Sweet Dream" – 5700416

DNA: "Give Me Love" – 5700417

Chike: "Pull Over" – 5700418

Nonso: "Simply The Best" – 5700419

Cornel: "Oyi Na Tum" – 5700504

Dewe: "Could You Be Loved" – 5700420

Vicky: "Elastic Heart" – 5700421

A'rese: "Wqhen Trouble Sleep" – 5700422

Michael: "I Feel Good” – 5700528

Patrick: “Osinachi” - 5700545

The Voice Nigeria airs at 19:00 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase DStv Channel 151 and on Africa Magic Urban DStv Channel 153. Join the conversation on The Voice Nigeria Facebook page, as well as on Twitter and Instagram via @TheVoiceNaija.

Make sure we spot your comment by using the official hashtags: #TheVoiceNigeria, #TeamTimi, #Team2baba, #TeamWaje and #TeamPatoranking.

The Voice Nigeria is proudly sponsored by Airtel in association with Coca Cola.

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