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Coaches on the semi-final performances

And here’s what #TheVoiceNigeria coaches thought about the Talents’ performances on Sunday, 24 July 2016.



Waje - He's shown growth and passion. You get to this point and all you need is to show is how bad you want it.

Patoranking - I told you IK, expect nothing but a mind-blowing performance!


2baba -That was awesome man. Fresh delivery!

Patoranking - IK in a competition like this. Versatility is key and Chike just showed Nigeria how versatile he is.


Timi -My oh my! This is the truest that I have seen them in. Your voices were wrapped around the music. You guys have grown.

Patoranking - This has to be one of the best performances of the competition not just tonight.



2baba – Spiritual. Spiritual. (Sings) A'rese? How are you? What’s going on? (Talks) A’rese is always doing abstract songs man!

Waje - That beginning! Man, it takes a professional to get that beginning.


Timi - Mike, you're not just jollof rice. There's shaki. There's kpomo! This is not the same Michael that we know.

Waje - Right now, I am so proud of Michael. I am a proud coach.


Patoranking - That was a splendid performance. Patrick reminds me of the brother in church and because of him you don't wanna miss worship.

Waje - This is Patrick's testimony!



Waje - It's Cornel. Cornel is such a great performer. Unique. Powerful.

Timi - Clap for yourself. This is Cornel with whom I am well pleased.


2baba - Vicky your voice is too powerful!

Timi -Vicky you are awesome. Careless what anybody else thinks. Sing!


Patoranking - This is a ‘9-over-10’ performance. This is a performance I would want to watch over and over again.

Timi - (Timi takes of his lovely sky blue jacket and places it on Dewe in honor of his performance)



Waje - I saw a lot of Fela but I also saw a lot of David. Shout out to you honey!

2baba - Wahala dey! David you are phenomenal. I love you my brother. No shakin.


Waje - Brenda, she did my hair, wore the cape. You have no idea how amazing you are. You took me back to how I felt when I wrote that song. Thank you.

2baba - There is no explaining what Brenda's voice does. There's something in your voice. You are just wonderful.


Patoranking - That was a smash. Every time Viveeyan comes on stage. You see this hunger. You see this passion!

2baba - She's really grown and upgraded. No one can explain your voice! Kudos.

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