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Coaches comments med over 1 year ago

And The Coaches Said...

Here are some of the fun and memorable feedback #TheVoiceNigeria coaches told the Talent in their team:



Pato - What an awesome way to ice start a big show like this. Your confidence level keeps soaring higher and higher.

2baba - There's no song you can't give to her. She's versatile.


Waje – 100 percent. You know I was watching her, even in places where it felt she was losing her breath; it's the stage presence and your passion that keeps the show going. Honey, high five!

2baba - Jennifer has overcome. She came through!

David Operah:

(IK - you have all four coaches standing)

Timi - first of all, thank you to Nigerians for saving David. I want to beg to David, you owe us as human beings to make music.

2baba - David man! Thanks to Nigeria for saving you. I am short of words.


Waje - My favorite part is when you open your mouth and belt those notes.

2baba - What can I say. You guys killed it tonight! Thank you guys. I'm so proud.



Timi - Dear promise comma, this letter is from concerned parents. Our daughters will not be attending your concert. Full stop. This is what it means to make a song your own.

Waje - (said in Igbo) When God gives someone 'something', there's no one in this world that can take it away from him or her.


Pato - You know the feeling when you own a good position in an oil company. He was relaxed. When you own a song. There's no one who has been arrested for being original. Patrick is the definition of originality.

Waje - "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, sound mind and self discipline. You (Patrick) are an example of self-discipline.


2baba - Michael you've got the smoothest voice. You be smooth criminal. You did justice to the song.

Waje - He killed it. Thank God you make me feel like better person today.


Timi - You know the song when it starts, you don't want it to end?

2baba - you just give all of us spiritual healing.

Waje - This is the A'rese everyone should get to meet. She has her style and focuses on her style.



Pato - Cornel bests describes the term, "walk over hype". You do the work, na people wey dey outside dey hype you.

Timi - To withhold the truth is a lie. You are the truth. I like how every song you sing, the passion leaks out of you.


2baba - I am feeling the fire! Dewe, you and me have to do a 'dewe' together!

Timi - On behalf of my friend Bez, I want to say thank you. And I wanna say it again… I'm a damn good coach!


Waje - He has the type of voice, when they come out with material you know it's them. In Nigeria, we don't have as many genres as we should and this young man is going to fly that flag for us.

Timi - To see far good! You are in your own place, your own compound, your own yard. You good!


Pato - Hallelujah! As you just finish the song, na to go round dey collect offering. I like the fact you were able to put in a little drama. I wish I was the guy you were rubbing his back.

Timi - There's a void that music fills. It mends broken hearts.To me, this is not just a show! Vicky men, God bless you.



Waje - Linda you are such a fight and I can see every time you work on yourself!

Pato - Linda is someone that loves to challenge herself. I am very proud to be your coach.


IK - Waje that better not be your number you're passing Pato?

Pato - Chike for every single time you've performed you've chiseled it. Killishe! Also Waje say make I give you her number but I no go give you.


Pato - This is the best way of telling Nigerians, thank you for voting for us.


2baba - They never see you coming through! Hey!

Waje - He's a very arrogant singer!

Pato - I'm lost IK. I never saw THIS coming.

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